Poly Acrygel


Fast application, unlimited playtime, zero chasing.


They tend to be lighter and feel natural. You even don’t feel that you’re wearing enhancements.


Stronger than hard gels for unstoppable nails. Less likely to break.


Monomer-free, 10-free, NO airborne dust.


Suited for everyone from starters to experienced professional nail artists.

PolyGel is a hybrid acrylic gel formula developed for professional nail artists uesd in nail salon. Now there are also DIY kits used at home, which is easier than builder gel to be used by starters for nail enhance. This Poly acrygel brings the advantages of both acrylic powders and clear gel.

How to apply polygel nails?

STEP 1. Apply a thin base coat after nail preparation

STEP 2. Squeeze just the right amount of Poly Gel out of the tube, and put inside the tips.

STEP 3. Moisture your brush in the cleanser.

STEP 4. Pat the poly gel evenly into place without drag. Keep application thin to avoid thick nail building.

STEP 5. Put the tip over your nail and make it perfectly fit. Cure 60-120 seconds.

STEP 6. Remove the tips after gels curing.

STEP 7. Tips off.

STEP 8. Cut the nails to the proper length.

STEP 9. File and shape nails.

STEP 10. Apply a thin coat of No Wipe Top Coat. 

Done! With different colors.

Private Label Service

Products Description

Volume: 15g, 30g, 60g

MOQ: 12 pieces per color

Sample: Free sample is available

Package: Label with your logo


More Colors Available

Polygel colors