Base & Top Coat


Base Coat

A thin clear layer creates the adhesive bond between the nails and nail gel products without damaging the nail surface.

Peel-Off Base

Allow peeling off gel polishes without damaging your nails. Suitable for beginners to practice.

Rubber Base

Thicker than regular base coat, to protect your nails especially if they are thin. Use bonder before Rubber base to make it adhere better. 


Wipe Top Coat

Flexible top coat avoids nicks, chips or smudges. Wipe the residue with cleanser after curing.

No Wipe Top Coat

No need to wipe after curing. Only apply one layer. Long lasting for 4 weeks with perfect shine.

Matte Top Coat

Matte effects. Apply Matte Top Coat after color gel polish.

Velvet Matte Top

Matte effects and gives a soft feel when you touch. Apply Velvet Matte top after color gel polish.

Nail Prep



Fast air dry. Helps to dry the nails out, and removes moisture and oils from the nail for better adhesion, to avoid shrinking when applying base coat. The cap should be tightened immediately after use to avoid volatilization or leakage. Recommended for clients with clammy/overly moist hands.


It’s acid-free and less corrosive than traditional primer. Provides extra adhesion to the bast coat. Suitable for the clients whose nails easily chip or lift.No need to cure under UV or LED nail lamp. No need to clean. Avoid contact with the skin to prevent lifting.